GRAF Gastech at Hydrogen Expo 2023: growing interest in the hydrogen sector

GRAF Gastech at Hydrogen Expo 2023: growing interest in the hydrogen sector

Hydrogen Expo 2023 (II edition) has recently ended. It’s Italy largest convention on the technological development of the hydrogen supply-chain.

GRAF Gastech participated at the event and has received much attention and interest from the public. During the convention’s three days, our stand was visited by many guests, suppliers related to the whole landscape of hydrogen-related products, material, gaskets and seals analyzers, tubular makers, and something more particular like chiller and electrolysers makers.

This helped creating a dynamic and stimulant environment that allowed us to make our technology and our hydrogen sector products known and evaluate possible collaborations.

During the event we had the pleasure to know several potential customers interested in our products.

Information requests and technical questions about the hydraulic compressor and the hydrogen dispenser show the growing interest towards GRAF Gastech technology and the desire to better understand the hydrogen industry by exploring the best investment opportunities. Governments are dedicating their attention to this technology (e.g., with the positive influence of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – PNRR – in Italy) which, as an effect, is stimulating further the hydrogen sector opening new growth and development opportunities. From this perspective, GRAF Gastech’s pioneering role really fueled the participation and curiosity of all participants.


Providing all the answers in the field was our team of Gianni Baroni, Salvatore Mormile, Giovanni Serafini and Lorenzo Sprea, who, with their usual expertise, guided visitors through GRAF Gastech’s hydrogen world. 1000 bar on the delivery side, a value indicated for systems that require a high flow rate or that start from relatively low inlet pressures or are fed by electrolysers. It was also possible to see our DH2 dispenser live, which is equipped with totally in-house made electronics and capable of supplying both heavy vehicles at 350 bar and light vehicles at 700 bar with a SAE J2601 compliant supply protocol.

We are happy to note that the feedback we have received from suppliers and potential customers has been extremely positive, a sign that the effort put into presenting our two flagship products in the hydrogen sector has enabled us to successfully convey the reliability, safety, and efficiency of our technology.

In conclusion, the experience at Hydrogen Expo 2023 reinforced our belief in the enormous potential of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. Certainly, a viable energy source in combination with others, to diversify the energy supply of countries. We are proud to be part of and pioneers in this energy revolution, and we are ready to continue innovating to lead the change towards a better future.


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